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The reward of the day is 1YFII of the total reward factor of 10 stops before the pending order amount of the pending order weight pending order time/opening.

In fact, understanding the different situations of pending order exchanges, it is very easy to operate. The following are the pending order cases for the four pending order types.

Fake: github/electrum-wallet/electrum/releases.

That's why I buy BSV on a pending order at 138 low prices (in fact, lower prices and pending orders).

CoinMarketCap will focus on tracking and determining the range of pending orders that are most relevant to the user, i.e. pending orders between $100 and $10,000. Of course, large pending orders of more than $200,000 will be tracked, but the share is much lower. The three key factors for calculating coinMarketCap liquidity index scores are: 1. A range of different pending order sizes (approximately $100 to $200,000) most relevant to retail traders; The depth of pending orders for a particular market pair; Slipping point between different pending order ranges in different trading markets (the difference between the execution price of a pending order and the set price)

At 7:46 a.m. this morning, the OkEx Bitcoin contract was trading at 0907, with a sell-out price of $6636.59 and a pending order of 56,989 (about 858 BTCs). At the same time, there was a single pending order price of $6624.28 and a pending order of 69,431 (about 1048 BTC)

Dear Hubi Global Users: Hubi will initiate the de-marketing of the VDS (VOLLAR) project on November 25 at 17:00 (UTC 8) and close the VOLLAR recharge business on December 25 at 14:00 (UTC 8). Please have vDS (VOLLAR) transaction to the pending order users to withdraw the pending order in advance, if the pending order is not withdrawn after the line, the pending order system will automatically help you withdraw the order, the relevant assets will be returned to your asset account. In addition, Hub.

NEO pending order 40.

NEO pending order 40.

Pending order 0 handling fee, all BUSD transaction pairs currently have 37 pairs of transaction pairs in coin security after the transaction can enjoy pending order 0 handling fee.

If there is no list that can be arranged, the pending order will stay on the pending order book, waiting for the person with the fate to make up the pending order.

electrum pending order

electrum pending order

The user buys 50% of the BTC quantity plus pending order, the price must be increased by 0.0001 per turnover, and the remaining 50% of the BTC quantity is sold freely. (Note: A pending order must be purchased on the day of the purchase of the pending order, and if there is no operation pending order, it will automatically enter the lock account, financial account or continue pending order.) )

During this period, users with offline TOKEN transactions to pending orders, please withdraw the pending orders in advance, if the pending orders are not withdrawn after the offline, the pending order system will automatically help you withdraw the order, the related assets will be returned to your trading account.

Even better is pending order mining: as long as the pending order on the trading page there is an Ft reward (at least one hour of pending orders) does not inseingency any additional fees, zero cost to obtain benefits.

Whenever Bitcoin is traded, it involves a pending order and a eating order, and you cannot trade with two pending orders or two eating orders.

1USD, down 0.14%; Pending order volume 2505495.46USDT, down 16.55%; The average purchase price of merchants was 1USD, down 0.15%; Pending order volume 5331923.35USDT, down 5.03%

The average selling price was 218.36USD, down 1.45%; Pending order volume 108999.19ETH, up 140.25%; The average purchase price of merchants was 206.76USD, down 0.14%; Pending order volume 841703.92ETH, up 48.63%

Additional note: 1. The specific definition of the amount of pending orders is that the assets occupied by pending orders are converted into USDTs at market prices. The assets occupied by the pending order are the assets currently held by the user, not those held by the user after the pending order has been closed. At present, we take the average market price on the day of the pending order to calculate and convert it into USDT.

Pending orders can be dug, 0 cost dividend USDT. Bibox "contract mining" on September 19 to open a "pending order mining", pending order is mining, reduce difficulty, 0 pending order rate, 0 cost dividend USDT.

Improved DEX pending order related transactions. 100%

Make a MAKER pending order and the futures pending fee is up to 0.0175% subsidy.