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Technology (second shot): Red Dot China became the first investor in technology (second shot).

The school has completed RMB B financing online. Red Dot Family.

Red Dot China's investment logic is clear: focus on the core competitiveness of the start-up team; Red Dot China as an early investment institution, the focus is relatively long-term, on the one hand, pay attention to the cash flow of enterprises, but pay more attention to long-term technology development trends, layout of long-term opportunities.



Red Dot China has been looking for and helping founders with deep industry backgrounds, hunger and technological innovation capabilities since opening offices in China in 2005. Red Dot China has also witnessed and promoted three stages of development in china's venture capital environment over the past 12 years: Copy.

JuicyQ Beauty Shower was designed by Qiu Fengshun, the only teacher in China who has won three German Red Dot Extreme Awards.

Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends Report 2020 is released, and DataCanvas is a key supplier to AutoML worldwide. Red Dot Family.

Red Dot China won the 2019 China Impact VC TOP50 Award.

Using the "red dot and black dot" strategy, I pioneered a different course in New Oriental: interviewing English.

Electrum uses the guide Qtum Electrum.

Electrum uses the guide Qtum Electrum.

And interesting headlines are typical cases. When the Red Dot team sees interesting headlines, the concept of incremental crowds or sinking markets has not been mentioned so frequently, it is up to investors to judge user demand and market capacity. Ten months after Red Dot China completed its first investment in Fun Headlines, Fun Headlines successfully landed on NASDAQ, code-ed QTT. (Congratulations on the headlines on NASDAQ, A-round lead investor Red Dot China added listed members!) )

There are many such cases in Red Dot China's Portfolio, and there will be more now and in the future. The Red Dot China team hopes to gain experience by using its deep interaction with the Silicon Valley team to capture more unicorns on the local corporate service circuit.

Recently, the winners of the 2019 German Red Dot Design Awards were announced, and the Deschmann T91 Smart Lock was awarded the 2019 German Red Dot Product Award Product for its innovative product design and user-friendly experience.

On February 22nd, Red Dot Ventures China Fund ("Red Dot China") announced the completion of a new $400 million fund raising. Of this amount, $300 million will continue to lay out outstanding early projects in the TMT industry and its segments, with approximately 80% of the funding going to projects in Round A and earlier. Another $100 million is used to raise high-potential, high-growth lead projects. This is Red Dot China's third fund to be raised in more than two years of independent operation.

Cloud management platform and service provider FIT2CLOUD (Flying Cloud) completed round B financing, led by Red Dot Ventures China Fund (Red Dot China), Guangfa Dry and Follow Investment.

In cryptocurrencies, it's hard to find a red dot and a useful product, and Cosmos has both.

NonOO insulation cup appearance is full of personality, has been known as the "industrial design oscar" of the German Red Dot Award.

electrum red dot

electrum red dot

SunRATE has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Standard Chartered Bank. Red Dot Family.

Red Dot China partner Zhang Hanrong was named "TOP30 most influential investor in 2018".

Well, it seems to be insult - so it's a wrong label! This should be a red dot.

Fun Headlines chairman Tan Siliang (left) and Red Dot China managing partner Yuan Wenda (right) were at the scene.

Red Dot China is ranked on the top 30 list of the most popular investment institutions for entrepreneurs. Red dot News.

This is important: a white grid represents a combination of questions and weights that the network can try. For each point on the white grid, the red dot above it represents the error value of the combination. That is, each red dot on the red bowl represents the error predicted below it. A red bowl is a bowl of error. Only the bottom of the bowl, the red dot touches the white grid place, there is no distance between the two, and therefore no error. See figure below.