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Red Dot China, as a leading investor, completed its Round A investment in Technology in May 2019.

Red Dot China won the 2019 China Impact VC TOP50 Award.

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Investors: Yajie Angel, Zhuhai Dechen, Red Dot Ventures, Zhongguancun Development Group, Yan Capital, Oriental Fuhai, former Jellyfish Fund.

Completed a $25 million Round B financing in 2013, led by Sina, Red Dot Ventures, and Morningside Ventures.

Red Dot China won two awards, "VC of the Year" and "Best Venture Capital Institution in Big Data and Corporate Services", and Mr. Yuan Wenda, Managing Partner of Red Dot China, was named "Investor of the Year".

On January 22, 2019, Red Dot Ventures China ("Red Dot China") announced the completion of a new $400 million fund raising.

Visualization. The gray dot represents the image, the red dot represents the hand-drawn face cartoon, and the green dot represents the result. A sample image corresponding to a different point is labeled with a corresponding color box.

Recently, we invested in AI chip company Eshara Technologies, and we're very excited about this project. (Red Dot China leads a new round of RMB billion financing for Ziyuan Technology to accelerate the process of product landing. Red Dot News)

Take a look at the map below, where the blue dot is white, the green dot is black, the yellow is Hispanic, and the red is Asian.

As a result, on October 15, 2016, Red Dot Ventures announced the formation of its first China fund and completed the initial fund raising of a total of $180 million, which is operated independently by Red Dot Ventures China.

Today, Startup State announced its annual list of "40 Investors Under 40" for 2019, with Red Dot China Executive Director Zhang Mingchen honoring him as the first young investor to receive the award from The Red Dot China team.

This article was compiled by Emily Guan of Red Dot China, a blog about Slack by Red Dot Venture Partner Tomasz Tunguz: Benchmarking Slack's S-1: How 7 Key Stacks Up, Apr 29, 2019.

Entrepreneurial State "4040" investor list released, Red Dot China partner Zhang Hanrong on the list. News.

Interestingly, based on the principle of peak offset law, Rama Chandran has found experimental evidence of animals for people's love of abstract painting. He found a small red dot on the silver gull's beak, and the young chicks of the gull would ask the mother bird for food. If you wave a stick with a red dot painted on the end, the young bird will also rub the red dot. Curiously, if you switch to a stick with three red strips painted on the end, the young birds will react more violently. Rama Chandran quipped that if the silver gull had its own art gallery, the author of a painting with three red bars at the end must have been Picasso among the birds.

Alex Zhang, Red Dot's China partner, joined Red Dot China in 2015 and has been focusing on the consumer Internet and cutting-edge technology tracks, focusing on technology innovation as the core driver, user demand as the core, and accurately covering the cases of consumer upgrades and incremental Internet populations in different market segments. He also led Red Dot China's portfolio of investments in several online education projects. At the same time, his industry experience in Google China and Tencent has provided a large number of industry resources for the establishment of the ecosystem of funds and invested enterprises, and has won a number of personal honors. Mr. Zhang Mingchen was promoted to Red Dot China Partner. Red dot News.

The red dot of Bitcoin.

The red dot of Bitcoin.

SKG's design team has won several "German Red Dot Awards" with the design industry's Oscars

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OPay, an African mobile payment service provider, completed a $120 million financing. Red Dot Family.